The Face Shade Sun Protection

$59.99 $89.99



While at the beach, you probably want to sit in the sun and tan your body, but you might still want to read or be able to open your eyes to enjoy your surroundings. The Face Shade Sun Protection is a mini portable umbrella provider that gives you just enough shade for your head while at the beach, and is the perfect and original gift for beach lovers!!

Here is what you will love aout it:

  • Prevent painful sunburns in your face when you stay at the beach
  • Limit the UV rays that are able to reach your face.
  • Give you to lay out for longer periods without having to use hats or towels to keep your face and head cool.
  • It is to set up.
  • It is also lightweight.
  • You can use The Face Shade Sun Protection anywhere from the beach, to the pollside, or at the park.
  • It has a phone holder inside to secure your phone or keys when you are taking a nap.
  • Easy and portable 

The Face Shade Sun Protection contains:

  • Secure phone / keys pocket holder inside.
  • 3 drinks holder locted underneath pillow
  • Full ajustable positions to suit your needs.